Company Events

ATI participates in Foundation Ceremony of Honghua Group Investment & New Products Launch in Sichuan, China

During August 25th to 28th, a delegation from ATI consisting of Robert Andrews – President & CEO, Eric Kruseman - VP of Finance & CFO, Li Chaoyan – Vice President of Business Development, Moyses Lachter – Brazil Country Manager and Sun Jianguo – Project Manager, participated in Honghua’s New Product Launch Exhibition held in Chengdu, Sichuan, China (Honghua's Corporate Headquarters) and Guanghan, Sichuan (location of their main plant).

Among the new products unveiled there were Coiled Tubing Drilling Unit, “Super single” Drilling Rig and Direct Drive Quintuplex Mud Pump.

In addition to attending the above event, ATI participated in several meetings held between Honghua and ATI's customer Queiroz Galvão Óleo e Gás S.A. (QGOG) on the progress of the construction of three Heli-transportable rigs being manufactured for QGOG to operate in Brazil’s Amazonian Basin.



Meeting between Honghua, ATI and QGOG reviewing the progress of construction of the Rigs
Li Chaoyan, Fu Yang, Ruby Liu, Robert Andrews, Moyses Lachter, Eric Kruseman, Sun Jianguo and Luo Liangping

Li Chaoyan, Robert Andrews, Moyses Lachter Sun Jianguo and Eric Kruseman
Fu Yang from HH America and Li Chaoyan from ATI Houston at Honghua’s Guanghan Plant