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ATI completes delivery of four Heli-portable land drilling rigs for HRT for operation in Amazon Jungle in Brazil
December 2012

On December 24th, 2012, the cargo ship "Lisbon Trader", loaded with four (4) 1500 HP VFD heli-portable land drilling rigs left Shanghai Port.

The departure event completes the delivery of the rigs that will be operated by HRT in the tough, high demanding environment of the Amazon Jungle in Brazil.

These rigs were purchased by HRT Netherlands B.V. (HRT) who signed the design, purchase and service contract with Andrews Technologies Inc. (ATI) and Sichuan Honghua Petroleum Equipment Ltd. (Honghua) in August 2011.

In order to overcome the obstacles and meet the challenges in the transportation and operation with safety and efficiency, these rigs were designed to be transported in small manageable heli-portable loads of 3,000 kilos. Because of the small package design, these components connections and assembly processes were uniquely manufactured and planned by ATI/Honghua to increase the installation/dismantling/rig transportation efficiency.
These four heli-transportable land drilling rigs were manufactured, assembled and commissioned in the yards of Sichuan Honghua Petroleum Co., Ltd with some of the components from best manufacturers in the world such as M-ISwaco (USA), MAEDA (Japan), Rongsheng (Renqiu, China), Hilong (Shanghai, China) and NOV (USA).

The joint expertise, combined with the advantage of the low-cost manufacturing in China and the multi-culture personnel of ATI has resulted in very competitive high quality products and services that fulfills every specific demand of the territory, environment and culture of different customers. Therefore, the reputation gained by the quality and service has made this delivery, one of the nine successful complete rigs deliveries that ATI, as the exclusive partner of Honghua Group in Mexico and Latin America, has accomplished in the Brazilian market.


The cargo ship “Lisbon Trader”

Loading cargos to the “Lisbon Trader”

“Lisbon Trader”, loaded with cargos

Adam Chen (ATI Technical Manager), Martin Eduardo (HRT Logistic Manager) and Jim Yang (ATI Project Manager)