A delegation from San Antonio Internacional (SAI), along with personnel of Andrews Technologies (ATI), visited Honghua Group Limited (HH) and several of their manufacturing subsidiaries in Sichuan China on August 30 -31, 2011…

During San Antonio International’s stay in Sichuan, attended by Mr. Henry del Castillo (SAI Corporate VP & Director of Engineering/Maintenance and QHSE), Rene Alegria (SAI Corporate Manager of Engineering/Maintenance), Robert Andrews (ATI President & CEO) and Li Chaoyan (ATI VP of Business development), meetings were held at Honghua’s Headquarters with Mr. Zhang Mi (Chairman and President of HH), Mr. Ren Jie (Executive director and VP of HH) and other top management of Honghua Group Limited.

In addition, aside from visiting Honghua’s Headquarters in Chengdu, visits were made to Sichuan Honghua Petroleum Equipemnt Co. (HH’s main Manufacturing Yard in Guanghan), Chengdu Hongtian Electric Drive Engineering Co. and Sichuan Honghua Youxin Petroleum Machinery Co. manufacturing subsidiaries of Honghua in the area. Meetings were held with the various engineering departments of these factories and discussions centered mostly on SAI’s equipment requirements in the near future.

San Antonio Internacional is the biggest Land Drill operator in Latin America with the largest land-based drilling fleet in the Latin America market. SAI is a Brazilian held Corporation with extensive operations in Argentina, Brazil and a number of other countries in Latin America. Aside from providing drilling and other services stemming from their drilling activity, SAI also provides to its customers throughout the continent a broad range of Exploration and Production Services, primarily pressure pumping services, which are designed to optimize production from oil and natural gas wells. For more information of SAI please refer to their website: www.sanantoniointernacional.com.

Andrews Technologies Inc. has been a close partner of Honghua Group Limited for many years and is the exclusive distributor of HH in Brazil. Collaboration between the companies is extensive, and a new Joint Venture Investment between the parties has commenced the study, design and construction of a manufacturing plant in Manaus, Brazil to be operational by 2012. For more information on Honghua Group Limited please refer to their website: www.hh-gltd.com


Ren Jie, Rene Alegria, Zhang Mi, Henry Del Castillo and Robert Andrews @ dinner banquet hosted by Honghua on August 31st, 2011

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