American Geophysical completed the Seismic Acquisition Portion of the Muchite/Mata Verde Contract with PEMEX…July 2012

American Geophysical, a Subsidiary of BGP International of China, has completed the seismic acquisition portion of its Muchite/Mata Verde Seismic Acquisition Contract with PEMEX in the central part of the State of Veracruz, Mexico in record time. The last 1000 Km2 was shot using the latest 3D/3C seismic technology. This was the largest project of its kind worldwide to date.

The PEMEX Muchite/Mata Verde Contract No. 424109819 was signed back in June of 2009 for a total of 2918 Km2 of 3D Seismic Acquisition and related ancillary services. The execution time was three years and the total amount of the contract was for over 160 Million U.S. Dollar equivalent. Andrews Technologies, Inc. has worked as BGP’s Exclusive Representative in Mexico since 2001 and continues to work with BGP on this particular project with PEMEX until its completion.

The Southern portion of Mata Verde Block for an area over 1000 Km2 was shot using the FireFly cableless recording system for full-wave land acquisition manufactured by ION Geophysical Corp. Multicomponent seismic surveys can provide a variety of information for development of reservoirs, reduce the multi-resolution of predicting reservoirs and increase the successful drilling rate.

The large acquisition area in the State of Veracruz had as an objective the acquisition of 3D seismic data with sufficient resolution and quality that would permit the definition of the geological characteristics of the subsurface and determine the stratigraphic and structural models of the gas-producing plays in the area.

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