Andrews Technologies, Inc signed an initial three year representation agreement for Brazil entered on September 28, 2011, by and between HILONG USA LLC, a Texas corporation in Houston, Texas and a wholly owned subsidiary of Hilong Group of China (HILONG)…September 2011

Hilong group in China is considered in the top few premier quality Drill Pipe manufacturers in China. Hilong Group produces its own seamless steel pipe in the Group’s upstream division, with an annual output of 150,000 tons. It provides iron and steel products including premium API and special usage green pipes for the Group’s affiliated enterprises and other oilfield users and oil companies.

From the long term vision for its rapid development strategy in the petroleum equipment industry, after many years of development, Hilong Group has created a complete industrial chain; its products include seamless steel pipes, drilling tools, OCTG pipes, CRA-lined compound steel pipes, supporting hardbanding and wires. The company emphasizes quality control and new product R&D to further strengthen the company’s core competitiveness. Hilong’s drilling tool enterprise is dedicated to the research, development and production operation of oil drill pipes, heavy weight drill pipes and drill collars; the company has invested large amounts of capital to construct a world-class mother pipe production line, tool joint production line, drill pipe processing production line, drill collar production line, and heavy weight drill pipe production line.

Hilong not only manufactures various API conventional products, it can also produce world-class sour service drill pipes, double shoulder high torque drill pipes, arctic service drill pipes, integral drill pipes, special performance drill pipe tool joints, high-efficient hydraulic cleaning drill pipes and other drilling tool products independently developed by the Hilong Research Institute. With an annual production capacity topping 100,000 tons, it has become one of the largest oil drilling tool manufacturers.

The Hilong Group also owns two specialized OCTG pipe manufacturers, whose products cover all API specifications and produce self-developed premium thread and special steel grade OCTG pipes.

The Company boasts advanced production and inspection equipment and a group of professional technicians with years of experience in casing and tubing production. Coupled with the technical support from the Group’s pipe research institute, Hilong OCTG pipe products have even stronger competitiveness on the market.

The CRA-lined compound steel pipes produced by Hilong Group are a kind of anti-corrosion alloy pipe with stainless steel lining. Such production technology and process development is a total innovation, with proprietary intellectual property rights. It has established a leading position in the high corrosion resistant gathering pipeline and line pipe anti-corrosion field.

The Hilong Group also owns hi-tech enterprises dedicated to the R&D, production, sale and related technical services of welding wire for oil pipelines and drill strings. The company’s BoTn1000 and BoTn3000 drill pipe wear resistant HB flux-cored welding wires have passed the testing appraisal of US Mohr Lab, Bodycote Lab and domestic authoritative organizations, which provide clear evidence of its superior anti-wear and friction-reducing performance. Results of comparison experiments indicate that all performance indexes of BoTn’s products are higher than their counterparts either at home or abroad. The product is widely used in domestic and overseas oilfields, and has won favorable comments from a large number of users both at home and abroad with its high cost performance.

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