ATI and Platte River and Associates personnel Review with PEMEX progress of ATI’s Technical Assistance project with PEMEX for Play Fairway Analysis methodology in Villahermosa, Mexico…NOVEMBER 2010

In November 24 to 26, ATI carried out a meeting in the facilities of PEMEX South Region, Villahermosa, for Revision and Analysis of the Project of Technical Attendance for the Oil Interpretation and Construction of Maps of Risk and Objectives. Where PEMEX, Platte River and Andrews Technologies, discussed the advances of the project. The meeting was extremely successful. PEMEX openly expressed its satisfaction with the progress of the project so far. During this meeting the following presentations were made:

  • The CERCCAD methodology and the Play Fairway Analysis methodology.
  • Use of the software tool SIMAREP
  • Presentations were made by each asset team showing Plays maps that they each had worked on from each exploration asset team. The presentations included deposits, GDE’s and much more.

The project from the beginning, on March of 2010, has obtained very positive results. The advances in the generation of the Risk analysis Maps of the different Exploration Assets of PEMEX at a national level are remarkable. The meeting was attended by the groups of Plays from Reynosa, Poza Rica, Veracruz, Villahermosa and Ciudad Del Carmen. Due to the positive results, PEMEX has already increased the project by 25 weeks and wants to add an additional 60 + weeks for 2011.


Pemex, ATI and Platte River personnel, during project results presentation.
Ing. Emery Payan, from Pemex Poza Rica. Showing the result of their work in the Northern Region of Pemex.

Ing. Francisco Fuentes, ATI Consultant, showing the consultancy results, for the Northern Region of Pemex.
Ing. Arnulfo Sanchez, from Pemex Cd. Del Carmen, showing results of Marine Region.

To Jorge Rosario Hernandez

Technical Supervisor

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Executive Assistant

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Chief Engineer and Project Manager

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Villahermosa GM

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Executive Assistant

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Accounting Manager - Mexico

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Country Manger in Brazil

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President and Chief Executive Officer