ATI Visited Manaus, Brazil…MAY 2008

Mr. Robert Andrews and Mr. Moyses Lachter visited the customer QGOG in Manaus, Brazil and went to the Port witnessing the arrival of the two 2000HP VFD Drilling Rigs manufactured by Sichuan Honghua Petroleum Co., Ltd and supplied by ATI. The rigs, being shipped in the Vessel Jaco Spirit contracted by QGOG, departed from Shanghai Port China on March 28th 2008 and arrived at Manaus Port on May 13th 2008. The rigs will be loaded to Barges and sent to the Urucu Area in Amazonas where QGOG will provide drilling services for Petrobras.


Robert Andrews at the Port of Manaus
Unloading the Cargo from the vessel Jaco Spirit

Jorge Luiz, Manager of Onshore Rigs of QGOG, at the Port of Manaus
Loading the HHF-1600 Mud Pump onto the barge

The two rigs were reloaded onto 16 barges
The two rigs were reloaded onto 16 barges


To Jorge Rosario Hernandez

Technical Supervisor

To Estefania Morales Guzman

Executive Assistant

To Martha Mendoza


To Edgar Capaceta Hern√°ndez

Chief Engineer and Project Manager

To Dalia Guzman

Villahermosa GM

To William Maidla


To Ruth Gisela Cantarero

Executive Assistant

To Jose Leon Ascencio


To Leticia Badillo

Accounting Manager - Mexico

To Moyses Lachter

Country Manger in Brazil

To Robert P. Andrews

President and Chief Executive Officer