BGP International along with ATI de Mexico personnel conduct a Technical Road Show in Villahermosa, Poza Rica, and Veracruz, Mexico…SEPTEMBER 2010

During the week of September 6, 2010 personnel from BGP and its wholly owned Subsidiary in Mexico American Geophysical along with ATI de Mexico, Carried out a series of technical presentations to PEMEX Exploration and Production. Presentations were made in Villahermosa (PEMEX Headquarters for E & P), Poza Rica and Veracruz. The presentations focused on new technologies that are actually being applied by BGP worldwide such as:

  1. Low Frequency Vibrator Technique by Mr. Zhang Rujie,
    • KZ-28LF vibrator:a low frequency Vibroseis source for seismic was introduced, its features and high lights.
  2. TFEM – Time Frequency Electromagnetic. CSEM- Control Source Electromagnetic by Mr. Tang Biyan,
    • Principles of CSEM, Model Simulation
    • Time-Frequency Electromagnetic (TFEM)
    • Borehole-Surface Electromagnetic (BSEM)
  3. Transition Zone Exploration by Mr. Ding Guandong,
    • Seamless Seismic Services form land to Marine techniques
    • TZ/Shallow Water Cognition
    • Main Problems
    • Solutions. PAI Software to resolve these problems.

The presentations were well accepted by attendants and there were a lot of participation and questions from Pemex individuals. Mr. Marco Vazquez (General Manager for Geophysics for PEMEX headquarters) was very pleased with the presentations and discussed the possibilities of developing workshops where Pemex’s professionals could see the new technologies applied, especially TFEM – CSEM, TZ’s topics, and get a transfer of knowledge using real Pemex’s information and its data.


PEMEX personnel during Technical presentation In PEMEX’s Poza Rica offices. Among them Ing. Rafael Sanchez, Ing. Rogelio Valle Ing. Miguel Suarez
Mr. Ding Guandong and Mr. Zhang Rujie technical presenters. Mr. Li Zhong Li Country Manager for BGP and Juan Lopez Balboa VP & Mexico GM for ATI.

Ing. Marcos Vasquez (General manager for Geophysics for PEMEX Headquarters) in Villahermosa, Mexico during technical Presentations.
Technical Presentations at PEMEX’s Headquarters offices in Villahermosa, Mexico

To Jorge Rosario Hernandez

Technical Supervisor

To Estefania Morales Guzman

Executive Assistant

To Martha Mendoza


To Edgar Capaceta Hern√°ndez

Chief Engineer and Project Manager

To Dalia Guzman

Villahermosa GM

To William Maidla


To Ruth Gisela Cantarero

Executive Assistant

To Jose Leon Ascencio


To Leticia Badillo

Accounting Manager - Mexico

To Moyses Lachter

Country Manger in Brazil

To Robert P. Andrews

President and Chief Executive Officer