Sichuan HongHua Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. completes manufacturing in record time of four (4) specially designed 1500HP AC-VFD Heli-portable rigs for ATI’s customer in Brazil…March 2012

ATI personnel has been, for the last 5 ½ months, monitoring and supervising the manufacturing and construction of four (4) sets of specially designed Helicopter Portable Drilling Rigs for HRT Oil & Gas for operation in the Amazonian Basin of Solimões near the town of Urucu in Brazil. Each rig disassembles in to 288 separate pieces (each no larger than 3,000Kgs) to permit transportation by Helicopter. These Drilling rigs require to be transported in this manner since there are no roads leading to the area where they will operate. Once the rigs are complete and fully tested in China, They will be transported to Shanghai and shipped by boat to Manaus, Brazil (over 1000 Kilometers inland up the Amazon River).


ATI Team in front of HRT-4 Rig at HongHua factory in Guanghan, China, From left to right: Jay Sun, Eric Kruseman, Li Chaoyan, Robert Andrews, Juan Lopes, Jim Yang, and Adam Chen. March 1, 2012
Zhang Mi (Chairman of HongHua Group) and Robert Andrews (President and CEO of ATI) meet at Honghua’s Headquarters in Chengdu, China. At left: Li Chaoyan, Juan Lopez and Eric Kruseman from ATI andat Right: Keiffer Yuan, Jessica and Leo Liu from H.H.

HongHua / HRT / ATI banquet at Guanghan. Feng Shangfei (President of Honghua Petroleoum Equipment Co.) Santos Suares (Project Manager From HRT Oil & Gas) and Robert Andrews (President of ATI) along with others celebrating the near conclusion of the manufacturing Project. March 1, 2012
Santos Suares (HRT Oil & Gas Project manager), Robert Andrews and Eric Kruseman (From ATI) on drilling floor of HRT-4 reviewing final details of construction. March 1, 2012 Guanghan, China.

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