Saudi Delegation visits CPP Headquarters in China…APRIL 2007

April 14-15, 2007
Hidada visit to CPP in Langfang, Hebei Province, China

A delegation from Hidada, a division of Xenel Industries from Saudi Arabia, headed by its President and COO Mr. Adnan A. Abduljaward , visited China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau at its headquarters in Langfang City, Hebei Province, China. Assisting in the visit where Mr. Robert Andrews (President and CEO of ATI), and Ken Leonard from Global XS. After 15 months of communications and meetings back and forth, the purpose of the journey was a working trip to try to establish an operable formula for both parties to jointly collaborate in storage tank construction projects, both for oil and water, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Commencement of working meeting at CPP headquarters between Hidada and CPP headed by Mr. Liu Weimin,Vice President of CPP
Group at CPP headquarters’ entrance. Jay Sun & Zhang Xiongjun of ATI, Ken Leonard of Gobal XS, Bakri Koosa & Adnan Abduljaward of Hidada, Chen Xiangqiu, of CPP, Robert Andrews of ATI, Li Mo, Yue Xinmin & Zhang Suiqing from CPP.

Chen Xiangqiu, Robert Andrews, Adnan Abduljaward, Ken Leonard and Bakri A. Koosa at a break during the meetings in Langfang.
Chen Xiangqiu and Adnan Abduljaward during a work session at CPP in front of suggested work scope breakdown of parties.

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Technical Supervisor

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Executive Assistant

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Chief Engineer and Project Manager

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Villahermosa GM

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Executive Assistant

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Accounting Manager - Mexico

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Country Manger in Brazil

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President and Chief Executive Officer