Andrews Technologies de Mexico (ATM) successfully completes pilot recruitment program for Concord Well Servicing (CWS). Four complete crews, selected and trained to operate workover rigs during the winter peak drilling season, arrived in Calgary, Alberta…December, 2011

Of a total of over 100 applicants were screened and interviewed, and a total of 23 Mexican profesional were selected with ample experience and technical qualifications to work in Canada. Training focused to comply with Canadian standards and regulations was supplied along with English technical language instruction for the duties they would perform. Testing was also performed to determine the level of proficiency both technically and for English language ability.

CWS and ATM, after successful completion of the pilot program are beginning plans for the recruitment of 100 Workover Rig professionals, enough to man 20 crews, for the winter peak drilling season of 2012/2013.


ATI Training session of Mexican drilling recruits in Villahermosa, Mexico during the month of November, 2011
Drilling recruits in Villahermosa, Mexico Exhibit their English Language received at the end of the month of November, 2011

Arrival of Drilling recruits to Calgary, Alberta, Canada for Concord Well Servicing on December 6, 2011

To Jorge Rosario Hernandez


To Estefania Morales Guzman


To Martha Mendoza


To Edgar Capaceta Hernández


To Dalia Guzman

Villahermosa GM

To William Maidla


To Ruth Gisela Cantarero


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To Leticia Badillo


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