With the establishment of ATI Manaus Service Center, after-sale service activities start to develop in the Amazon area, Brazil…August 2012

After the inauguration of ATI Manaus Service Center, ATI takes the initiative to get more effective communication and support with its clients.

On August 14th, , Ms. Li Chaoyan, Vice President of Business Development of ATI , and Mr. Moyses Lachter, ATI Brazil Country Manager, visited QGOG and HRT operation bases in Manaus, addressing issues of after-sale service. Ten days later, Ms. Xu Chuan, Vice President of Honghua, and Mr. Tu Songtao, After-sale Service Manager of HongHua, also visited QGOG operation base in Manaus following up the after-sale service. Meanwhile, Ms. Han Suhong, Deputy Manager of Mud Pump Plant, and Mr. Song Guangsheng, Mud Pump Service Supervisor from Rongsheng Machinery Manufacture Ltd, and ATI Technical Manager Mr. Chen Xiaolong visited QGOG well sites in the area for inspections and maintenance support of the mud pumps manufactured by Rongsheng.

ATI Manaus Service Center is the first service center of its kind for Chinese manufactured Land Drilling Rigs in Brazil. It can give fast on-call technical support and supply consumable spare parts of drilling rigs. ATI, along with its manufacturer partners, are committed to providing the best after-sale service to the Oil & Gas Industry of Brazil.


Moyses Lachter from ATI, Emanuel Montenegro from QGOG, Li Chaoyan from ATI, Marcio Satin, Marcelo Nagibi, Maurício Approbato, Jorge Faria and Joaõ Alfredo da Costa from QGOG, Sarah Viana from ATI, Guilherme Resende from QGOG at QGOG Manaus Base.
Moyses Lachter(ATI Brazil – Country Manager),Antonio Rodrigues Lobo (HRT Operation Manager), Sarah Viana(ATI Manaus Base Manager), Santos Suares (HRT Project Manager), Erivaldo Mascarenhas (HRT Rig Operation Manager) and Martin Castillo (HRT Logistic Manager) at HRT Manasu Base.

Rongsheng & QGOG Team Inspecting Mud Pump Bearing
Rongsheng & QGOG Team Inspecting the Mud Pump

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