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Andrews Technologies, Inc. specializes in bringing together companies from different parts of the world with diverse languages and business cultures to offer an innovative solution to the technical requirements of its clients.

Andrews Technologies, Inc. works in a straight line with its customers obtaining and executing contracts directly; delivering a fully integrated project that could involve a given number of varied manufacturers and/or service companies.

Andrews Technologies, Inc. also specializes in working with particular and unique companies in joint cooperation as their “in country” partner. ATI operates as the exclusive representative, on a long term basis, providing a variety of services for a successful entry and permanence into a given market place.

Initial Market Entry

  • Market evaluation, analysis, potential and positioning.
  • Evaluation of legal and taxing operating strategies in the territory pertaining to each partner’s particular circumstances.
  • Implementation of partner’s initial legal, tax and operating structures.
  • Development, implementation and joint execution of marketing and sales plan for the territory.
  • Participation in in-country trade shows, local techical seminars and events.
  • Continuous intelligence and information flow on customers plans and requirements, identification and monitoring of opportunities with customer’s on a regional and local level

Bid Preparation and Award

  • Monitoring of upcoming bids, publication dates and customer requirements.
  • Preparation with partner of bidding documents supporting in the legal, technical and commercial proposals:
    • Evaluation and analysis of bid documents
    • Coordination of translation of key bidding documents.
    • Evaluation and analysis of financial capital requirements.
    • Review of legal documents, certification, and notarization.
    • Review and analysis of technical requirements and compliance with local norms and specification.
    • Preparation and compilation of economic proposal.
  • Participation with partner of pre-bid meetings and site visits.
  • Presentation and participation with customer on all bid opening meetings, monitoring of process, final adjustments and clarification for possible adjudication.
  • Support in final adjustments and clarification of bid for final award.
  • Support and advice for issuance of bid bonds, and warranties required by customer for contract signature

Contract Startup and Execution

Support and advice in start up of contracts in areas such as:

  • Securing local facilities, for base camps or operation bases.
  • Hiring of qualified, local, capable and experienced personnel.
  • Temporary or permanent importation of equipment and supplies.
  • Familiarization with Mexican labor law requirements and establishment of successful strategies and their repercussions.
  • Establishment of successful International tax strategies suited to the partners requirements and objectives.
  • Obtaining Visas and work permits for foreign experts.
  • Secure and evaluate local suppliers.
  • Continual support and advice in the execution of contract in areas such as:
    • Monthly preparation and presentation of documentation required for invoicing and follow-up on their successful acceptance from customer and timely payment.
    • Continual technical advice on local conditions and customer requirements by experienced personnel.
    • Compliance with contract conditions, negotiation with customer representative in contract adjustments, fines, modifications, increases etc.
    • Monitoring of customer’s perception and commentaries on execution and performance of contract.
  • Successful termination of contract documentation and procedures.
  • Promotion and support in negotiations for contract extension with customer.
  • Continual monitoring and updates on local Market opportunities.

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