Robert P. Andrews

President and Chief Executive Officer

Robert Andrews is Owner, President and CEO of ATI. He has over 40 years of experience working effectively with PEMEX and other National Oil Companies in Latin America as a contractor and supplier. Andrews has a detail understanding of the Mexican, Brazilian and Chinese Oilfield business and maintains close working relationship with current upper and middle management of the E&P sector of its customers and working Partners. Mr. Andrews, for the last 10 years, although based in Houston is in Mexico two to three times a month mostly developing business with PEMEX and executing ongoing long-term projects with PEMEX Drilling and Exploration divisions.

Previously to his current position Mr. Andrews was Owner, President and CEO of Andrews Group International (AGI) until 1998 when he sold the company and successfully merged with Core Laboratories. At the time of sale AGI was the premier reservoir characterization company in Mexico providing services mostly to PEMEX with two seismic processing centers one in Houston and one in Mexico City. AGI also was involved in extensive training of PEMEX personnel having a large training facility in Mexico City and 5 other locations in Mexico. AGI was the in-country partner for over 10 years with Landmark Graphics providing sales, training and technical support and on-site consulting in the use of the complete line of products. The Geosciences division of AGI (Consisting of over 60 tried and proven scientists) worked on the majority of the PEMEX fields executing studies and providing a variety of Geophysical, Geological and Petroleum Engineering services.

Mr. Andrews also was a founding member, stockholder and member of the Board of Directors of 3D Geophysical, Inc., a roll up of U.S. Mexican and Canadian Seismic acquisition companies, until its successful sale to Western Atlas, Inc. in 1998.

In 1999 Mr. Andrews in association other individuals with available funds, varied backgrounds and global experience started Blue Water Venture, Inc. a venture capital firm. Mr. Andrews was Director and President. The company was successful in investing in a number of projects both in the manufacturing sector and the real estate business. As of today, a number of these projects on the real estate continue and are under development in and around the Houston area.

Between 1984 and 1989 Mr. Andrews, aside from being involved in the supply of goods and services in the Oil Industry in Latin America, owned and operated several “Maquiladora” manufacturing facilities in Northern Mexico.

Aside from his work, Mr. Andrews is a proud and loving father of his three wonderful children. Elizabeth his oldest is a Doctor starting her residency in New York City, his middle son Pace finishing at the University of Texas in Austin and his youngest Alexander a sophomore at SMU in Dallas.

Mr. Andrews was raised and educated in Mexico until entering High School in the U.S. and received a degree in Architecture at the University of Florida. He speaks Spanish and English fluently and has a basic knowledge of Chinese and several of the Romance languages.

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President and Chief Executive Officer

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