Brazilian Delegation Visits China…JANUARY 2007

ATI hosts the visit to China of Jorge Luiz da Silva Matos, Manager of Onshore Rigs for QUEIROZ GALVÃO and Moyses Lachter, ATI Country manager from Brazil. Visit to CNPC manufacturing complexes where conducted in Beijing, Baoji in Shaanxi, Nanyang in Henan, and Renqiu in Hebei.


Rong Sheng Machinery Manufacture LTD. of Huabei Oilfield, plant in Renqui City, Hebei Province. China’s Number one BOP Manufacturer.
Moyses Lachter (ATI Brazil Country Manager) Jorge Luiz da Silva Matos, Manager of Onshore Rigs for QUEIROZ GALVÃO and Li Chaoyan (marketing Manager ATI Mexico) @ Rong Sheng manufacturing plant.

Meeting at RG Petro-Machinery Co., LTD, in Nanyang City, Henan Province. Jorge Luiz da Matos from QUEIROZ GALVÃO, Moyses Lachter from ATI Brazil, Tian Miao from CPTDC China and Li Chaoyan from ATI Mexico, in discussions with RG Petro Management.
Heavy-Duty Mobile Workover rig under final assembly at RG Petro-Machinery in Nanyang Plant.

2000HP land rig, ready for final inspection, manufactured by Baoji Oilfield Machinery Co. (BOMCO) in Baoji, Shaanxi Province.
Terracota warriors of the Qin Dynasty, belonging to Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s tomb. The Qin Mausoleum is located in Xi’an, Shanxi Province and had remained buried for over 2,000 years until its recent discovery in 1974.

To Jorge Rosario Hernandez

Technical Supervisor

To Estefania Morales Guzman

Executive Assistant

To Martha Mendoza


To Edgar Capaceta Hernández

Chief Engineer and Project Manager

To Dalia Guzman

Villahermosa GM

To William Maidla


To Ruth Gisela Cantarero

Executive Assistant

To Jose Leon Ascencio


To Leticia Badillo

Accounting Manager - Mexico

To Moyses Lachter

Country Manger in Brazil

To Robert P. Andrews

President and Chief Executive Officer