ATI and TSC Offshore Are Jointly Awarded PEMEX Contract for Land Rig Refurbishment, Mechanization and Automation Services in Mexico…June 2014

Andrews Technologies, Inc. (ATI) and TSC Manufacturing and Supply, LLC. (TSC) were jointly awarded last week by PEMEX Exploracion y Produccion (PEP) a two and half シャネルiphone6ケース year contract for Refurbishment, Mechanization and Automation Services for four (4) 2000HP Land Drilling Rigs.

The total amount of the contract is $63 million US dollars. ATI and TSC Offshore, along with local in-country partners Construcciones Industriales y Ecologicas del Sureste, S.A. de C.V. (CIESSA) and Andrews Technologies de Mexico S.A. de C.V. (ATM) in Mexico, formed a joint bidding consortium led by TSC and participated in the bid for this project in April 2014. With ATI’s in-depth understanding of the project and the close teamwork among the parties, the consortium presented a competitive and comprehensive proposal, and finally became the winning bidder of the project.

TSC will be the leading company to execute the contract jointly with ATI and CIESSA starting from mid July 2014.

PEP’s goal is to refurbish and upgrade up to 20 existing rigs in a period of five years. These first four (4) rigs awarded place the consortium as a leading candidate for the remaining units to be done.

To Jorge Rosario Hernandez

Technical Supervisor

To Estefania Morales Guzman

Executive Assistant

To Martha Mendoza


To Edgar Capaceta Hernández

Chief Engineer and Project Manager

To Dalia Guzman

Villahermosa GM

To William Maidla


To Ruth Gisela Cantarero

Executive Assistant

To Jose Leon Ascencio


To Leticia Badillo

Accounting Manager - Mexico

To Moyses Lachter

Country Manger in Brazil

To Robert P. Andrews

President and Chief Executive Officer