Robert Andrews, President of ATI, on October 12-13, 2011, visits MAEDA SEISAKUSHO CO. LTD’s headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Nagano, Japan, to review progress of manufacturing of Crawler Cranes ordered for Brazilian, Amazonian project….October 2011

On September 8th, 2011 ATI placed an order to MAEDA U.S.A. for the purchase of eight (8) MAEDA Model #LC-1385M Crawler Cranes as part of the supply of HRT Oil & Gas Contract #HRTBV-SOL-001/2011 for 4 Heli-portable drilling rigs for HRT’s Exploratory Campaign in Solimões Basin, Amazonas – Brazil.

The Crawler Cranes are to be shipped from Yokohama, Japan to Shanghai, China in Mid-November, 2011. Upon arrival in China, the Cranes will be imported and shipped to Guanghan, China for modifications to allow Helicopter transportation and operation in the harsh Amazonian jungle. Cranes will also be tested and used for initial Rig-up of drilling rigs allowing time for training of Brazilian operators in the use of the equipment. Equipment should arrive in Manaus, Brazil in March of 2012.

This is the second purchase from MAEDA by ATI for the LC-1385M Crawler Cranes for the Amazon Jungle. The previous units have performed well and continue to operate successfully.

Established in 1962, MAEDA SEISAKUSHO CO. LTD has grown to be the world’s largest manufacturer of mini crawler cranes. With a wide distributor network, MAEDA continues to provide products and service to meet customer’s demands throughout the world. For more information on MAEDA please refer to their website:


Robert Andrews (ATI) and Steve Iman (MAEDA USA) review final details of construction of a Model #LC-1385M Crawler Crane at MAEDA’s manufacturing Facility
Kenichi Ishida, Junya Ono, Kaori Nakazawa, Steve Iman, Maasaki Shiori, Shigeki Fukase and others from MAEDA team with Robert Andrews (ATI) at MAEDA’s manufacturing facility in Nagano, Japan

Kenichi Ishida (Senior Managing Director of MAEDA), Robert Andrews (President & CEO of ATI) and Steve Iman (MAEDA USA,) at MAEDA’s Headquarters in Nagano, Japan. October 13th, 2011

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